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Custom/One-of-a-kind Candle Gallery

We can make a candle out of any container! Below examples were made from re-used vases, cookie jars, drinking glasses, and old candles either from our own homes, brought to us by friends, or found at thrift shops. They have up to eight wicks and weigh up to 8.8 pounds. Like all of our candles, they're all-natural whether pure soy for light or scented with essential oils. Environmentally friendly, they can be remade into new candles countless times. (Glass is one of the most expensive materials to recycle, so it's much better to repurpose it.) We'll always have a unique new batch of these at every festival. You can check out and even vote on new ones as we make them on our Instagram account. If you want us to make a candle out of a container you already have, just contact us here.

Gulliver's Candles All Natural Custom CandleGulliver's Candles All Natural Custom CandlesGulliver's Candles Custom CandleGulliver's Candles All Natural Custom Candle