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Gulliver's Recycling Program

We love being environmentally friendly!

We want to give you the opportunity to reuse containers just like we do. Reusing is always better than conventional recycling. So:

Here's the Deal

You'll have two options for reusing containers at every in-person event we do:


For every clean, useable container (over 8oz) you bring us, we'll give you a $1 discount. (We'll give you a 50¢ discount for smaller containers.) We might even give you more for extra fancy containers. They can't have any labels on them unless they're one of ours. 


If you don't want to clean it yourself, just bring us all of your old cleanable, useable containers. We'll clean them and make them into new high-quality all-natural candles; you'll feel great about saving them from the landfill. Leftover candle wax or old labels are no problem.

What Kind of Containers Are Useable?

We can make a candle out of most containers. In general, it's best if they're glass and cylindrical with straight sides. Anything that was a candle previously (from any maker) will probably work again; also Mason jars, vases, drinking glasses and mugs of various kinds, pottery, planters, cookie jars, and more can work. Check out our custom gallery page for ideas.

Things that aren't as useable include some large square containers, ones that are more narrow at the top than the bottom, anything over 10" tall, and anything with an extreme angle (like this or this).

But don't sweat it—if it doesn't work, we'll still happily recycle it for you. So it's always a win/win/win for you, us, and the environment!

Saved Containers