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The Story

As told by our founder:

“I’m a big fan of ambiànce and natural light so I’ve always used a lot of candles at home. I believe strongly in being environmentally friendly so I found myself wanting to reuse the leftover containers I ended up with. I also found all the current commercial candle options lacking in various ways and I thought they could be improved on—some of them didn't burn evenly all the way down or burned too quickly and I was especially disappointed that it was virtually impossible to find any that were all-natural. So, I took it upon myself to figure out how to make my own candles.

I never made them to sell them; I made them for myself, the way I thought they should be. I’m detail oriented by nature so they’re highly engineered. Weights are measured not by ounces but grams; I tweak recipes by fractions of a percent.

Over a period of years I got really good at making them through lots of trial and error, research, and note keeping. I have a spreadsheet with over 100 rows of notes!

Eventually friends would come over to my apartment, see these candles, comment on how great they were, and ask where I got them. Upon hearing that I made them myself, friends insisted I make extras for them too. Before long, without even trying to sell them I’d sold dozens and friends were telling me they were better than commercial quality.

So, by popular demand, I started this company to make available to everyone the superior all-natural candles I’ve been making for myself. They’re all the exact same recipes I use at home, made in small batches by hand.”

Who is Gulliver, Anyway?

Chicago native Gulliver Lanigera, pictured here, is our founder's long-time roommate. A watchful eye and constant companion throughout the initial late night R&D phases that started it all (aside from being the most photogenic one of us), it's only natural that he became the face of our company. Our logo is his actual paw print.