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Bulgarian Lavender All Natural 16 oz. Mason Jar Candle

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While many people associate lavender with France, the #1 exporter of lavender in the world is actually Bulgaria. The Balkan valleys that are famous for growing roses there also have a perfect climate for lavender.

While very close to the French Lavender, Bulgarian is a little more earthy, a little less camphoraceous, a little warmer. I think it blends better than the French—one of these on one side of the tub with an Ylang Ylang on the other during a hot bath is my personal go-to when I need to really decompress from a rough week. (Or when I'm just feeling extra self-indulgent.) 

Confession: I've been using this one at home for years even while we only sold the French publicly at first. I wanted to keep it simple and the French is a slightly more classic scent to most people. However, this Bulgarian Lavender eventually caught on with friends and has started to outsell the French Lavender at places where both are available. 


• burn time up to 90 hours
• net weight: 12 oz./340 grams
• fl. volume: 16 oz
• shipping weight: 27 oz.

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