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Cardamom Mason Jar Candles

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This one has its own little cult-like following.

Cardamom has been one of my favorite spices for a long time. Native to India, it's used widely in Indian food as well as baked goods, tea, and even Wrigley gum. A very complex aroma, I find it impossible to describe. It's somewhat spicy, earthy, woodsy, and sweet all at once. One customer even said, "It smells like Christmas." Another said that it reminds her of her favorite candy from Honduras from when she was a kid. 

My favorite comment, though, was when someone walked by the booth at the 2017 Glenwood Ave. Arts Fest. She pointed at this one and said, "I bought one of these last year and it still makes my whole basement smell better." I said, "That's amazing that you're still burning it a year later!" She said, "Oh, no—I haven't lit it yet. It makes my whole basement smell better still without even being lit once."

• burn time up to 90 hours
• net weight: 12 oz./340 grams
• fl. volume: 16 oz
• shipping weight: 27 oz.

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