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Wintergreen All Natural 16 oz. Mason Jar Candle

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Wintergreen comes from the red berry of an evergreen tree. It was used as medicine by native Americans and is the natural source of aspirin. A classic gum flavor by itself and a classic ingredient in many things from toothpaste to root beer, most people instantly recognize it as something very familiar even if they can't identify it right away. 

In candle form, it is one of the most refreshing scents; candy-like, cool, comforting, and invigorating all at once. 

We're using these blue jars for this scent while we have them just because it's such a good match. We'll make a note here when it's back to clear jars.

• burn time up to 90 hours
• net weight: 12 oz./340 grams
• fl. volume: 16 oz
• shipping weight: 27 oz.

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